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Welcome to Styled Rewards

Born at the intersection of style and technology, we have created our Styled Rewards Loyalty Program to provide more value and reward our loyal customers.


Welcome to Styled Rewards, the exclusive Loyalty Program of Styled For Less. With more ways to unlock exciting perks, becoming a Member is your all access pass to exclusive rewards.

These Program Rules ("Terms and Conditions", "Terms") are the agreement between Styled For Less ("the Company") and you ("Loyalty Program Member", "Member") for your participation in the program. They will also help you understand how it works.

These Program Rules relate only to the Styled Rewards Loyalty Program. You can find our full Terms of Service here.

By opening a Styled Rewards Loyalty Program Membership Account (“Account” or “Membership Account”) to receive and redeem benefits of the Loyalty Program, including Loyalty Program Points ("Points", "Awards", "Rewards", "Discounts", “Coupons”, "Gifts"), you agree that:

  • You have read and accept these Program Rules, and you have read and accept the Website

    Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which are incorporated by reference herein.

  • You release Styled for Less and all its ambassadors and affiliates from liability for your use of Points, for the Reward and how you use it, and for your participation in the Styled Rewards Loyalty Program.

  • You cannot use Points if your Account is cancelled, or there is a return payment outstanding.

  • You cannot transfer your Points/Gifts/Rewards.


  • You cannot combine Discounts/Rewards/Gifts/Awards.


  • You will only use one Email Address/Member Account to accumulate and redeem points.


Loyalty Members are responsible for remaining knowledgeable of the Program Rules and any Program Rule Changes. Your continued participation in the Loyalty Program will constitute your acceptance of any such Program Rule Changes.


We may make changes to the Styled Rewards Loyalty Program and may add to and/or change these Program Rules at any time. For example, we could:

  • Change the number of points you can earn for eligible purchases

  • Change the number of points required to get rewards

  • Change the expiry of points

  • Change the caps on earning and/or using points

  • Cancel or modify rewards


The Company may terminate the Loyalty Program, in whole or in part, with 7 days advance notice to all active Loyalty Members. This will give you ample opportunity to complete a purchase and redeem your points, but we may change or cancel certain rewards.


Membership in the Styled Rewards Loyalty Program is free and available to any individual who: (a) possesses the legal authority to agree to the Program Rules; (b) resides in a jurisdiction which legally permits participation in the Loyalty Program (i.e., eligible shipping areas); (c) provides valid and accurate personal information when enrolling in the Loyalty Program; and (d) has not previously been restricted to purchase on our website.


The Company will exert its rights to exclude certain individuals to participate in the Rewards Loyalty Program based on prior misconduct.


Sign up as a member to start enjoying the loyalty program! The value of Loyalty Program Points varies according to how you choose to use them.

You will earn one Point for every dollar you spend on all eligible purchases. An eligible purchase does not include: fees, taxes, discounts, rewards, purchases covered by points. Purchase Points are automated and may take up to 24 hours to reflect on your Account, depending on the payment authorization.

The Company also offers Promotions from time to time wherein a Member can earn Bonus Points, subject to the terms of the promotion. These Bonus Points may be specific to a certain promotional code, product, purchase amount, and/or target group and cannot be combined with any other offers/discounts. These Promotions are offered for a limited time and may change or end at any time without notice.

Bonus Points are entered manually. It may take 48 hours for these points to reflect on your Styled Rewards Account.


Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to receive the latest deals and updates.


A Member may request credits for Points that were not reflected in a Member’s Rewards Account by contacting Customer Support and providing the Order Number. This is subject to the verification of your eligible purchase.


Members must remain active in the Loyalty Program to retain Points they accumulate. Members can remain active in the Loyalty Program and retain accumulated Points by earning Points and redeeming Points in the Loyalty Program, subject to the exceptions described below.


If a Member Account is inactive, the System automatically deactivates that Account, forfeiting all accumulated Points. An Account is classified as inactive if the Member has unsubscribed/consecutively unopened Company sent emails/had bounced emails/has not logged in within a three month period/had no purchase activity within a year. Once Points are forfeited, the Points cannot be reinstated. If eligible, a Member can earn new Points by reapplying for Membership. Promotional bonus points expiry dates depend on the promotional terms issued.


To redeem Points, Members must log in using the same email address used to make a purchase. Go to the My Rewards to view your points and rewards. Once a Reward is redeemed, you have 7 days to use the Reward before it gets invalidated.

Promotional codes/discounts cannot be combined. Only one promo code can be applied per order.


If you redeemed a reward by accident, contact Customer Support immediately to request a reversal. The Reward (Coupon Code) will be invalidated and the Points will be returned to your Account, provided that the Reward has not yet been used and has not expired. Once the Reward/Coupon has expired, the Points are also forfeited and cannot be reinstated.


When you have been refunded (for example, for an out of stock or wrong item), this will cause a corresponding automated deduction of the Points (and any applicable Bonus Points) you earned on your Styled Rewards Account. Promotional Bonus Points expire depending on the promotional terms issued.


Inactive Members will forfeit all accumulated Points. Earning the yearly Birthday Reward Points is automated and does not count as part of eligible Member activity to maintain Loyalty Program membership.


Cancelling by member. A member may cancel his/her membership in the Styled Rewards Loyalty Program at any time by sending written notice of cancellation to Customer Support. All unredeemed Points will be forfeited immediately and may not be reinstated or transferred.

Cancelling or Suspending by the Company. The Company may forfeit a Member’s accumulated Points, suspend Program benefits, or cancel a Member’s Account at any time with immediate effect and without written notice, for any reason and in the Company's sole discretion including, without limitation, if the Company believes the Member has:

  • Acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws, regulations, ordinances;

  • Acted in an inappropriate, fraudulent, abusive or hostile manner;

  • Breached or violated any of these Program Rules or the Website Terms of Use;

  • Engaged in chargeback fraud, false claims, or any other theft or larceny against the Company;

  • Fraudulently claimed eligibility to earn benefits;

  • Engaged in any misconduct or wrongdoing in connection with the Styled Rewards Loyalty Program including, without limitation, with respect to points, usage, and other program member benefits.




The Loyalty Program is free and is only an added benefit intended to reward our Loyal Members. The Company is not obligated to provide any individual any Points, Gifts, or Discounts.


The Company makes no warranties or representations, either expressed or implied, with respect to the Rewards provided through the Loyalty Program. Nothing contained in these Program Rules will limit the Company in the exercise of any legal or equitable rights or remedies.



The Styled Rewards Loyalty Program, Points, Redemption Rewards, Promotional Rewards and other related benefits and services are the sole property of the Company, and are not the property of Members. Members cannot transfer points to someone else's Loyalty Program account. Points cannot be sold or passed on as part of a legal action, such as a divorce, an inheritance or bankruptcy.


On cancellation of membership in the Styled Rewards Loyalty Program for any reason, all unredeemed Points, Redemption Awards and Promotional Awards will be forfeited and a Member will no longer be able to participate in the Loyalty Program. Points, Redemption Awards and Promotional Awards have no cash value and the Company will not compensate or pay cash for any forfeited or unused Points.



The Loyalty Program Rules, together with our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Store Policies incorporated herein or referred to herein constitute the entire agreement between the Company and Members relating to the subject matter hereof, and supersede any prior understandings or agreements (whether oral or written) regarding the subject matter, and may not be amended or modified except in writing or by making such amendments or modifications available here on the Loyalty Program website.

For any questions about anything in our Styled Rewards Loyalty Program Rules, feel free to get in touch with our Customer Support team at

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